The History of Rogue's Manor

Rogue's Manor original house was built in the 1870's, next to the natural flow of Sweet Spring and the Cave in the cliff behind the restaurant.  It, being the cave,  provided human shelter, ie. cooling and heating before the convenience of this existing building.  As a private home next to Sweet Spring, the building was connected to town by a trestle bridge.  The house survived the major fires and two quarrelsome sisters, who divided the house and didn't speak to each other.  Dr. Carr's Chiropractic office was here until the house was converted to Spring Street House Restaurant in 1981.  Eureka Springs Winery built the "new" addition which has been completed by Smith and Debbie since purchasing and opening Rogue's Manor at Sweet Spring in the Fall of 1993.


Today, Rogue's Manor is owned and operated by Terry Blanton and has become a destination of choice for fine dining in Eureka Springs.  Although we are a fine-dining establishment, we encourage everybody to come as they are,  formal or casual.  We sincerely hope you will consider us when making your dining plans in Eureka Springs.

Rogue's Manor Restaurant Eureka Springs Arkansas